Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let's Start Over, Okay?

I have struggled for such a long time about exactly how to do my Basin Living blog... at first I wanted to just focus strictly on places, businesses, events and things here in the Basin, and try to keep myself and my personal interests out of it so it would be more "professional", and that would have been great, right? But for some reason I just couldn't get completely into that, and so I have let it sit. Now I have still tried to get the Facebook side of the blog going here and there, as far as adding more friends and a little bit of posting here and there, but not what I originally intended with it, either.

Recently it all hit me like a wet snowball in the face... The reason that I wasn't feeling it and getting into it, was because there was no "ME" in it! So I made the decision to still write about places to visit in the Basin, and local business', events and people, but to make it more personal and also write about and share things that I, a single mom and grandmother, living here in the Basin, am interested in. Things that make me smile, and things I know other Basin moms and grandmas are interested in as well. Things like where to take the family (that is affordable enough to go), craft projects to do together, parties, foods and recipes, decorating, local business reviews, scrapbooking, camping, giveaways and discounts, and much much more!

I know I will need your help for my blog to succeed... I need readers, so please share my blog with all of your friends and ask them to subscribe to it (Pretty Please :)) I also need your comments and your own ideas and things you would like to see...or even guest bloggers! With all that being said I better go for now because I'm pretty sure that my kids would like to have a Christmas tree up sometime before Christmas, so maybe I better get started on that :)

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